Who we are

Who We Are

The seed for Giftolexia was sown in 2012 when Teena’s son was formally identified with Dysgraphia- a learning Difficulty similar to Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. The Women Start-up Program at IIM Bangalore is what allowed it to gain momentum Giftolexia was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 11th July 2017.

We focus on the compensating advantages of children with Dyslexia and do not look at it or call it a disability. We take cognizance of the academic difficulties faced by these children while at school and focus on the need for early identification and remediation.

Our Eco system

Fostering collaborations with other organizations and mentors from institutes of repute has helped us develop the first technology-enabled screening tool for Dyslexia in India.

It is the best screening tool for class-wide screening. It reduces screening time to 5 minutes per child and screening age is reduced to 8 years from the current average of 11 years in India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be enablers in creating successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens Inspire all people to look within and find their strength – the Journey within

Our Mission

Harness technology to help people with Dyslexia and other Learning Difficulties realize their true potential through early identification and right remediation.

What We do


Early Screening

A state-of-the-art technology enabled solution for early identification of Dyslexia in children.

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Learning Enhancement Programs

Programs to improve
their learning outcomes and help them become
better learners

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Awareness and Advocacy

Workshops and seminars to create awareness and on inclusive class room strategies....
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What People Say

Kudos from All around
Students, Parents, Teachers, Management and Governments


Clair, Luka & Saina

“First of all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this awesome course by Giftolexia. Saina had been struggling to read even though we have been trying to help her for more than a year. With your expertise in phonics and interesting way of explaining the different rules, Saina had been able to pick up the ‘science behind the sounds and how to apply them. I didn’t know how to explain why the ‘u’ sounded different in ‘cut’ and ‘cute’. The magic ‘e’, the bullying ‘r’, the ‘h’ brothers, etc were all explained so well that the children will never forget these.

The classes were very engaging, she was always interested to join the class. The videos, the stretches, and the music in between helped her to sit in the class attentively. Checking the progress of the kids individually after each level was good.

The facilitator was very patient with Saina, explaining, again and again, the concepts and sounds. Special thanks to her.

We hope the Giftolexia team will come up with more such programs in the future for helping kids.
Thanks again for the guidance and efforts.”


Mrs. Thomas

Mother of 6 year old

“My daughter was struggling to read ,I tried my best to help her but there was very little progress. Thanks to your  Phonic Reading Program , she has made tremendous progress .She is able to read now. We are grateful for all your support.”


Mrs. Kumar

Mother of 5 year old

“The absence of formal school made me look for alternatives to help my child with reading. The phonics workshop, with the right blend of learning and fun, initiated my daughter  to a whole new world of sounds and pronunciations. She caught on to the concepts quickly, and within six months, she is now comfortably reading to herself. I also picked up a few lessons myself by just listening in. Thank You Giftolexia for such a wonderful class.”

Meet Our Team

Team and Mentors


Teena Paul

Founder and CEO

Ajit G Paul

Co-founder and CSO (5)

Justin Jose

Co-Founder & CTO Analytics Lead
chandra-sekhar (1)

Dr Chandra Sekhar


Dr Dinesh Babu

Prof. at IIIT Bangalore

Vijayalakshmi Rao

Start-up Mentor/Business Advisor

Dr Gayathri Krishna

Director at Brindavan education

Dr. Ramaa S

Dean of Instruction, NCERT Mysore

Dr. Srinivas Dorasala

Founder Cyclops MedTech

Meet Our Team

Team Members