Power Of Innovation: Gaze Pattern Based Screening for Dyslexia

10 to 15% of children of school going age have some form of Learning Difficulty. Early identification and remediation are crucial for the success of these children .

Lack of awareness among parents and teachers ,complexity of the present methods of screening and shortage of screening centres all lead to late or no identification .

Giftolexia has developed India’s first Deep Technology enabled early screening tool to identify the risk level of children at an early age.

  • Screening age is reduced to 8 years from the current average of 12 years in India
  • Screening time reduced to 5 minutes per child from 30 minutes for pen and paper-based screening

Leveraging the power of Technology for children with Dyslexia

Innovative, State-of-the Art gaze pattern-based Screening for early identification of children with Learning Difficulty  


Huge competitive edge with Machine learning capabilities, Cloud-based centralized quality, Digital outreach to enable scale & significance at national and global levels 


Gaze Pattern based Screening in
English and Marathi Languages.


2500+ students

Screen Students in your School !