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Spelling is the art of forming of words from letters according to accepted usage. It is a foundational skill for successful written communication and has to be learned in a systematic way.

Our phonics-based spelling program takes a structured approach to teaching spelling rules and patterns, focusing on the relationship between sounds and letters. Through targeted instruction and practice activities, students learn how to apply phonetic principles to spell words accurately and confidently.

By understanding the underlying phonemic patterns, students develop strong spelling skills that enable them to tackle a wide range of words with ease. With a focus on systematic learning and reinforcement, our program empowers students to become proficient spellers and confident communicators.

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    Overview of Curriculum

    It is important to understand and master the different spelling strategies and rules to improve a child’s spelling and vocabulary.

    Building a strong foundational knowledge of the links between letters, their sounds and meaning is essential for students to become confident communicators.

    Learning to spell is very important and it improves both reading and comprehension. Help your child  acquire this essential and life-long skill.

    Course Details

    Benefits of the Program

    Let your child become a confident speller

    Customized program
    based on the child’s
    learning need

    Educational games and activities to keep the child engaged

    One on One class for personalized



    It has s been incredibly rewarding to see my child's spelling skills improve week after week. Highly recommended!

    Chaitra Rao
    Parent of Six-year-old
    The phonetic and rule-based spelling program has exceeded my expectations. The systematic approach made it easy for my son to grasp spelling patterns and apply them correctly.
    Parent of Seven-Year-old

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The child should have basic reading skills to enrol in the spelling program

    The sessions are conducted online. We will share the link to join the sessions.

    The number of sessions will vary depending on the pace at which each child learns. The number of sessions mentioned is indicative and can vary from child to child.

    You will need a laptop and internet connection to join the sessions.

    Thirty minutes is the duration of our one on one sessions.

    Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday at a time that is convenient to the child. In exceptional cases,the sessions can be scheduled on weekends as well.

    You may cancel the sessions at any time, and we will refund the remaining amount.

    We provide e-workbooks or e -content for most of our programs. These are provided on completion of the program. This is for your personal use and should not be shared with non-participants.

    Sorry, no direct communication with the teacher is permitted. You may contact the team and they will facilitate the conversation.

    Yes, you may reschedule a session in case of unavoidable circumstances. We do not encourage too many reschedules.

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