Empower your child to become a fluent reader!

A Reading Program meticulously conceptualized and designed by a team of experts in early education. One on one sessions tailored to optimize the learning outcomes for your child.

Our phonics-based reading program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in literacy skills. By teaching students how letters correspond to sounds and how these sounds blend together to form words, our program empowers learners to decode unfamiliar words independently. 

Through engaging activities and multisensory teaching methods, students develop fluency, comprehension, and confidence in their reading abilities, setting them up for lifelong success.

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    Overview of Curriculum

    Research across the world has stressed on the importance of learning to read.

    We provide direct, systematic, and explicit phonics instruction, as it consistently yields the best results.

    Help your child  acquire this essential and life-long skill

    Course Details

    Benefits of the Program

    Make your child a fluent reader

    Customized program
    based on the child’s
    learning need

    Educational games and activities to keep the child engaged

    One on One class for personalized



    The program has been an absolute blessing for my five-year-old son. Completing all four levels has been an incredible journey, and the progress he has made is remarkable. What he loves most is the engaging format that keeps him eager to learn and explore independently.
    Geena - Mother of five-year-old
    The educators are simply wonderful - they are patient, kind, and have a gentle yet persuasive approach that resonates with my child. The sessions are thoughtfully crafted, considering the short attention span of young children, making learning both effective and enjoyable.
    Mrs.Rao - Mother of six -year-old
    Loved the way you introduced letter sounds

    Parent of Four-year old

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For our level one  early reading program the child should be familiar with the English Alphabet.

    To enrol for level two the child should be familiar with letter sounds.

    The sessions are conducted online. We will share the link to join the sessions.

    The number of sessions will vary depending on the pace at which each child learns. The number of sessions mentioned is indicative and can vary from child to child.

    You will need a laptop and internet connection to join the sessions.

    Thirty minutes is the duration of our one on one sessions.

    Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday at a time that is convenient to the child. In exceptional cases,the sessions can be scheduled on weekends as well.

    You may cancel the sessions at any time, and we will refund the remaining amount.

    We provide e-workbooks or e -content for most of our programs. These are provided on completion of the program. This is for your personal use and should not be shared with non-participants.

    Sorry, no direct communication with the teacher is permitted. You may contact the team and they will facilitate the conversation.

    Yes, you may reschedule a session in case of unavoidable circumstances. We do not encourage too many reschedules.

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    Letter sound correspondence

    Learn to Read the Phonics Way level 2

    Learn basic segmenting and blending

    Learn to Read the Phonics Way level 3

    Learn about Digraphs, Blends and More

    Learn to Read the Phonics Way level 4

    Become an independent reader