Learn To Spell the Best Way - Advanced

Learning to spell is very important and it improves both reading and comprehension.

Students will have better success if spelling is learnt in a systematic way. In this level, students will master the Alphabetic principles in addition to phonetic and rule-based strategies.

Age group

4 to 10 years

Benefits of the Program

Master Your Spelling

Customized program based on the child’s learning need

Educational games and activities to keep the child engaged

One on One class for personalized attention

Experienced teachers


My son’s spelling has improved dramatically. He has also gained a deeper understanding of the rules behind spelling. It's been a game-changer for us!
Parents of Nine-year-old

Learning the Alphabetic principles and connecting it to how words are spelt has helped my son to improve his spelling drastically. Thank you Giftolexia for a one of its kind spelling program.
Parent of Ten -year-old

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