Learn all about numbers, place value addition, addition facts and more

Once the child has developed a good sense of numbers ,we introduce the concept of place value and then move on to basics of addition. Place value is a fundamental concept and plays a crucial role in arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Age Group

5 to 8 years

Place Value Positions

Understanding the significance of ones, tens, hundreds, and  place value positions.

Basic Addition

Learning how to add single-digit numbers together.

Addition Facts

Memorizing addition facts up to a certain number range to improve fluency in mental arithmetic.

Carrying or Regrouping

Understanding the concept of carrying or regrouping when adding numbers with multiple digits.

Addition Word Problems

Solving real-world problems involving addition, such as problems related to money, time, and measurements.

Addition Strategies

Learning various strategies for solving addition problems, such as using number lines, base-ten blocks, and the counting-on method.

Benefits of the Program

Master Concepts of Addition

Customized program
based on the
child’s learning need

Educational games and activities to keep the child engaged

One on One class for personalized

Learn from the
best teachers


The multisensory teaching methods employed in this math program have been incredibly effective for my son.
Mother of five-year-old
I'm thrilled to see my son enjoy math.

Mother of Seven -year-old

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