Learn all about subtraction, carry and revise place value

These concepts are presented in a structured and engaging manner, allowing students to build a solid foundation in subtraction and develop confidence in their mathematical abilities.

Age Group

5 to 9 years

Basic Subtraction

Learning how to subtract single-digit numbers from one another.

Borrowing or Regrouping

Understanding the concept of borrowing or regrouping when subtracting numbers with multiple digits.

Subtraction Facts

Memorizing subtraction facts up to a certain number range to improve fluency in mental arithmetic.

Subtraction Word Problems

Solving real-world problems involving subtraction

Subtraction Strategies

Learning various strategies for solving subtraction problems, such as using number lines, base-ten blocks, and the counting-up method.

Benefits of the Program

Master Concepts of Subtraction

Customized program based on the child’s learning need

Educational games and activities to keep the child engaged

One on One class for personalized attention

Learn from the
best teachers


My daughter loves the hands-on approach to learning math in this program. The expert teachers use real-life examples to illustrate complex concepts, making math more relatable and understandable.
Mother of Eight-year-old
My son has become more confident after completing the program.

Mother of six-year-old

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