Learn all about repeated addition, multiplication, array, how to read time and more

Age Group

7 to 10 years

Multiplication as Repeated Addition

Understanding that multiplication is a shortcut for repeated addition and exploring this concept through hands-on activities and visual representations.

Times Tables

Memorizing and mastering multiplication facts up to a certain range, to build fluency in multiplication.

Multiplication Strategies

Learning various strategies for solving multiplication problems, such as using arrays and skip counting.

Understanding the Commutative Property

Recognizing that the order of factors does not change the product in multiplication (e.g., 3 × 4 = 4 × 3).

Multiplication Word Problems

Solving real-world problems that involve multiplication, such as problems related to equal groups, arrays, and scaling.

Multiplication Patterns

Exploring patterns in the multiplication table, such as recognizing patterns in products and identifying relationships between factors and products.

Benefits Of The Program

Master concepts of Multiplication

Customized program
based on the
child’s learning need

Educational games and activities to keep the child engaged

One on One class for personalized attention

Learn from the
best teachers


Thanks to this math program, my child now approaches math with confidence.

Mother of Ten-year-old
The engaging classes in this math program have captivated my child's interest and enthusiasm for the subject. She looks forward to learning math and have made remarkable progress.
Mother of Nine -year-old

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