Clair, Luka & Saina

“First of all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this awesome course by Giftolexia. Saina had been struggling to read even though we have been trying to help her for more than a year. With your expertise in phonics and interesting way of explaining the different rules, Saina had been able to pick up the ‘science behind the sounds and how to apply them. I didn’t know how to explain why the ‘u’ sounded different in ‘cut’ and ‘cute’. The magic ‘e’, the bullying ‘r’, the ‘h’ brothers, etc were all explained so well that the children will never forget these.

The classes were very engaging, she was always interested to join the class. The videos, the stretches, and the music in between helped her to sit in the class attentively. Checking the progress of the kids individually after each level was good.

The facilitator was very patient with Saina, explaining, again and again, the concepts and sounds. Special thanks to her.

We hope the Giftolexia team will come up with more such programs in the future for helping kids.
Thanks again for the guidance and efforts.”